Role of Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the administration of the company and the appropriate organisation of its operations.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the appropriate arrangement of the control of the company’s accounts and finances. The Board of Directors makes decisions on the strategy, investments, organization and financial affairs of the company. The Board of Directors also ensures that good corporate governance is complied with throughout the Altia Group. The Board of Directors has approved the Corporate Governance principles of the Altia Group.

The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders. According to the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors consists of no less than one and no more than five members in addition the chairman and vice chairman. The General Meeting of Shareholders elects the chairman, the vice chairman and the other members of the Board of Directors for a term expiring at the end of the next Annual General Meeting following their election. The biographical details of the members of the Board of Directors are presented on the company’s website at

The Board of Directors have adopted the charter of the Board of Directors, which sets fort the procedures and working principles of the Board of Directors, as well as the most important tasks and issues considered and approved by the Board of Directors. Accordingly, the Board of Directors’ approves the company’s strategy, financial targets, budgets, major investments and risk management principles. The Board appoints and dismisses the company’s CEO. The Board of Directors considers and decides on all significant matters concerning the operations of the Altia Group and the business areas. The Board of Directors has also approved the charters of the Audit Committee and Human Resources Committee.

The Board of Directors convenes in accordance with a schedule agreed in advance and also as required. The Board of Directors also receives in its meetings current information on the operations, finances and risks of the Group. Board meetings are attended by the CEO, the CFO and the General Counsel (who acts as secretary to the Board). Members of the Executive Management Team and other representatives of the company attend Board meetings at the invitation of the Board of Directors. Minutes are kept of all meetings. The Board of Directors conducts annually a self-assessment of its activities and working practices.