Altia's own brands such as Blossa, Chill Out, Koskenkorva, Valhalla, O.P. Anderson, Renault, Larsen and Xanté have a strong market position and many of them a long heritage to cherish.

Please note: Due to Finnish legislation we cannot show our leading spirits brands on the website.


Blossa is the definition of glögg and the recipe has set the standard in the category. All of our Blossa glöggs are based on a blend of different wine styles, mixed with our own aged spice macerate and sweetened with high quality sugar.

There is a Blossa variant for all preferences, also alcohol-free. Every year we release an annual edition of Blossa specially made for this Christmas in a limited edition.

Chill Out

Chill Out wines are a range of quality wines from selected vineyards in Europe, Australia, South Africa, North and South America that always offers you a variety of tastes and styles that are easy to like.

A Chill Out wine taste best when shared with friends and loved ones, regardless occasion. We are for wine lovers, not necessarily experts. And we strongly believe that drinking wine should be as uncomplicated as it is good. Or as we say it - No fuss, just great wines.

Our way of being responsible is shown in the smartness of our production, packaging solutions, new products and product features. We have organic products too, but would rather like to talk about our on-going process of maximizing sustainability and being environmental.

Gentle touch to the wine

Our Wine Sourcing Team travels around the world to find the best possible qualities of wine for our own brands. It takes real skill to find wines that deliver the best value for money. To keep the wines fresh and to leave as little carbon footprint as possible, we ship the wine in tanks and bottle it close to the markets.

Our bottling facilities in Finland and partners in Sweden and Germany guarantee the freshness and environmentally sound wine products. Did you know that Altia is certified to bottle both organic and Fairtrade certified wines?

Altogether, our wine experts in the Sourcing Team find around 20 million liters of wine every year, many of them are organic and/or Fairtrade. These wines are then sold through brands like Chill Out, Patchwork, El Tiempo, Aussie and Caballo de Mendoza to mention a few.

Koskenkorva distillery

Our Koskenkorva distillery is located in the village of Koskenkorva in Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland. Grain spirit produced from pure Finnish barley is the key raw material for our alcoholic beverages. About 85 % of the barley we use is bought from our contract farmers, most of it within a maximum distance of 150 km from the distillery.

The Koskenkorva distillery is a modern production plant that utilizes the barley grain in full. In addition to grain spirit, the plant produces starch and raw material for animal feed. Even the carbon dioxide generated in the process is collected and used for example in greenhouse cultivation.

We also have our own bioenergy power plant at Koskenkorva. The bioenergy power plant uses barley husk as a fuel and produces steam energy for the distillery. Thanks to the renewable fuel, we have been able to decrease our carbon dioxide emissions remarkably.

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