Altia & Customers

Altia's responsibility to its customers includes many aspects such as product quality and safety, traceability of products, responsibly produced raw materials and organic and ethically certified products.
Responsibility figures: Altia and customers
Altia & Customers 2016

Product quality and safety

Product quality and safety are crucial priorities for Altia. For example, in wine production operations in Rajamäki the quality of wine is monitored by sensory evaluation as well as chemical laboratory analyses at different stages of production.

Although recalls are relatively rare, Altia practices actively for these situations with phantom testing, among other things. In 2016, there were a total of four product recalls in Altia’s markets combined.

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Traceability of products

Focusing on traceability is an important aspect of ensuring the quality and safety of Altia’s products. The products Altia manufactures can be traced down to individual batches of packaging materials and raw materials.

Responsibly produced raw materials

When selecting raw material suppliers, we also evaluate their responsibility by means of our corporate social responsibility survey. We require that our suppliers are certified or externally audited with regard to product safety, product quality and social responsibility.

Altia’s largest customers, the Nordic alcohol monopolies, are members of the European Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). The BSCI’s ethical principles emphasise working conditions, human rights and environmental protection. Altia is committed to complying with the BSCI’s ethical principles in its own operations and throughout the supply chain. BSCI audits commissioned by the monopolies and focused on risk countries continued in 2016.

Organic and ethically certified products

Altia is developing its portfolio of organic and ethically certified products to respond to the growing demand for them. The Rajamäki bottling plant received permission to start bottling Fairtrade products in 2015. In 2016, Altia's first own Fairtrade wine bottled at Rajamäki, Chill Out Genuine & Intense, was launched in Sweden. Of the 90 million liters produced or imported by Altia in 2016, 3 million liters were organic and 0.09 million liters Fairtrade.