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Altia is committed to promoting responsible alcohol consumption. We take a serious stance towards the problems associated with alcohol abuse and acknowledge the importance of the appropriate regulation of alcoholic beverages.
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Responsible alcohol consumption

We work with other industry operators in our operating region to promote responsible alcohol consumption in practice. In Finland, the industry’s joint (“enjoy responsibly”) website provides information on responsible alcohol consumption as well as when it's best to abstain from alcohol. The “Puhutaan alkoholista” (“Let’s talk about alcohol”) programme is aimed at preventing alcohol consumption by minors and encouraging people to start consuming alcohol at an older age. Altia’s other operating countries, except Norway, have similar joint programmes and websites maintained by industry operators. The country sites can be accessed via

Our view on responsible alcohol consumption

We at Altia are committed to promoting responsible drinking culture. Below our company view on responsible alcohol consumption:

  • We respect the right of adults to choose to drink alcohol beverages – or choose to not drink them. 
  • The majority of adult consumers enjoy alcohol products responsibly and with moderation in their social life.
  • We take seriously the harm caused by alcohol misuse and support relevant public health measures in preventing and reducing this harm.
  • In our view, alcohol products should be appropriately regulated. We believe the most effective measures to reduce the harmful use of alcohol are evidence-based, effective and target specific problems.
  • We advocate responsible consumption and market our products according to laws.
  • Alcohol is only for adults enjoying it responsibly. We are strongly against underage alcohol use.

Responsible marketing

The marketing of alcoholic beverages is highly regulated in most of Altia’s operating countries. In addition to legal compliance, we are also committed to complying with the advertising standards issued by spiritsEUROPE, the European representative body of the alcohol industry. Altia’s marketing communications also advocate moderation in alcohol consumption. According to our internal marketing principles we do not:

  • aim our marketing content at minors
  • imply that drinking alcohol will make a person more successful or socially acceptable
  • endorse drinking while driving
  • portray irresponsible drinking in a positive light
  • condemn anyone who chooses not to drink
  • imply that drinking alcohol has medical benefits
  • emphasize high alcohol content in our marketing

Economic contribution

Altia is a significant employer in its operating region. In the end of 2016, Altia employed 797 people, of whom 448 worked in Finland. Altia paid EUR 466 million in excise and income taxes in its operating region in 2016. Altia is also a significant buyer of domestic barley in Finland. Last year, we spent EUR 26.9 million in buying over 192 million kilogrammes of barley, which represents approximately 12 per cent of Finland’s total barley harvest.

Human rights in supply chain

Human rights in the supply chain is a shared interest of Altia, customers and consumers. Altia cooperates with its major customers, the Nordic alcohol monopolies, to advocate human rights, and the company also operates according to the same principles.